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  • Ecig advertising is as important as advertising for other kinds and types of products. Advertising ecigarettes, especially in broadcast media like television will further spread the news to more smokers that there are ecigarettes they could use instead of tobacco cigarettes.

    Through this, whatever great benefits ecigarettes can give to public health could be realized and achieved. With the way most regulators behave these days, it looks as if they either have not yet grasped how beneficial ecigs are or they are not really after the improvement of public health.

    Ecig Advertising in Norwegian TV Might Be Possible

    In Norway, rules about electronic cigarettes are actually very strict. Eliquids and ecigarettes containing nicotine cannot be sold. There is also an age limitation imposed when buying the products. Advertising is also not allowed.

    Thus, Norwegians can buy could buy supplies only for personal use from suppliers around the world including from Norway and from other EU countries. No matter how strict the rules are, there are still loopholes especially in advertising.

    Internet, in particular is where the loophole could be found. Nothing can stop companies with websites based in other countries in targeting the audience from Norway. TV adverts could also be a source of loopholes.

    If the TV channel is broadcasting from another country, they are not bound by the same rules applied to those channel broadcasting from Norway. In fact, several channels have already been using this loophole.

    In the country, rules are pretty strict when it comes to the allowed frequency of sending commercials. This is pretty much the reason why some channels decide to send from the UK. One example is that it is not allowed for a movie to be interrupted just to show an advert.

    This has led many channels to move to the UK. They would rather be bound by the British laws than by Norwegian policies. In the UK, in fact, a recent VIP TV advert had been allowed for broadcast despite a lot of opposition from various groups. CAP has recently modified some policies for electronic cigarette ads and commercials. Such ads would be allowed as long as some prohibitions and guidelines are followed by the advertisers. The VIP commercial has been criticized for showing the act of vaping on the advert.

    Thus, those channels that moved to the UK are allowed to do business like ITV that started airing ecigarette commercials. It is still up to the channels to decide if they will follow the lead of ITV, but this is definitely possible to arise.

    Moreover, these channels can also avoid other bans that are imposed in Norway. Unless the government owned Norsk Tipping has sent alcohol, lottery and gambling game adverts, it would not be allowed for broadcast.

    No channel is showing alcohol advert although they are allowed to do so from another country. Most channels have decided to send gambling and lottery adverts.

    Will Ecigarette Adverts Be Sent Next?

    SBS Discovery and also MTG are two of the companies that own broadcasting channels from the UK. According to SBS, it has discussed the issue. If there is anyone who wants to do it, the company said that it will send the ecigarette commercials on Norwegian TV if it is legal.

    Meanwhile, MTG said that it will give consideration to sending ecigarette commercials the way it considers alcohol adverts. It said that it wants to adhere to the common code that is followed in Norway.

    Even if MTG did not say this, it can be easily guessed that this is the same reason behind permitting the gambling and lottery ads. Companies feel that it is okay to send ads for online betting, internet gambling and more.

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  • The Vape Phenomenon is one that rapidly grows and expands. This is not unknown to those who are in the vaping industry such as Charn Premyodhin of Vaperev, a one-stop shop based in Southern California. Charn established the distribution company together with his wife, Amber Lee.

    Meeting with the Ecigs

    He shares something in common with the thousands of customers of Vaperev. They had all tried to quit smoking for years, but failed several times. He said that a friend of his introduced him to vaping with the new eGo battery and has then realized he could quit with the use of electronic cigarettes.

    Back then, Charn was the veteran chef running CJ’s Paella, a successful catering business that specializes in Spanish cuisine. He said that his first vaping experience was so impressive and enjoyable that he immediately realized he can quit. He has a lot of friends and family who also smoke so he also started to show them what he was vaping. One by one, the smokers became vapers like him. Thus, starting Vaperev has become a practical idea and the business has started in 2012.

    From the small garage in their home in Cerritos, Vaperev has been moved to the present retail location where it is undoubtedly thriving. The vape phenomenon made Vaperec a world-class, one-stop shop as cwell as a distribution company revolutionizing the vaping community. After two years of establishment, the company now has about 70 employees.

    Why the Phenomenon Soars

    The industry’s growth is due to some obvious reasons. Vaping involves no combustion, but could deliver nicotine to appease the cravings of smokers. Without combustion, there is also no smoke that is overloaded with more than 4,000 various chemicals many of which are harmful and toxic.

    There is also no awful taste, odor and appalling inconveniences like yellow teeth and messy butts/ashes. Flavors contribute a lot to the success of vaping although flavorings make up only 3-25% of the eliquid mix. The base ingredients of an eliquid include propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in various percentages.

    Eliquids come in various nicotine strengths from 0 to 24 mg or more. Since 2012, Charn said that they have been introducing to the vape community a new sophistication and elegance level through high quality products not like the others.

    Right after the shop was opened, Vaperev also developed their website and web store. The website features informational videos, interviews of manufacturers, hardware breakdown and more. Charn said that they highly regard the success of their online visitors and retail guests so they strive to give them all the details they need to transition from smoking to vaping without stress.

    Smokers Turning to Vapers

    Charn has been smoker for 20 years before his life was changed by vaping. He said that he gets more satisfaction from vaping and there is also the relaxation factor that vaping gives him. He added that vaping tastes a lot better. Vaping also smells better, something that his wife also approves.

    Charn is only one of the numerous smokers who now call themselves as vapers. Ecigarette use has a lot of benefits that these people have personally experienced.

    The vaping phenomenon is successfully growing because of these benefits. Vaping offers a much healthier option to smoking whereby smokers still get their nicotine without being exposed to smoke toxins and harmful chemicals. As ecigs are available in various nicotine strengths, the user could gradually decrease his/her nicotine intake until he/she reaches zero nicotine vaping.

    Vaping also involves financial, social and other benefits that vapers cannot deny. They have personally experienced these benefits and these benefits are obvious to other people regardless what the vaping detractors falsely and maliciously claim about ecigarettes.

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  • To sell or to not sell ecigarettes in jails has been a concern that sheriffs and jail administrators are now mulling over. There are certainly many benefits that jails could have if they allow ecig sale in commissaries, but there are also some drawbacks and risks to take into account.

    Knox County Jail In Tennessee

    Inmates here could already address their nicotine cravings through the help of electronic cigarettes. Sheriff David Clague said that the profits from selling ecigarettes will benefit both the inmates and the sheriff department. The revenue will be used in purchasing clothing, mattresses and bedding for the inmates.

    Clague said that this idea has been under consideration for a while by him and other officials. They have decided that they will have a three weeks trial first and whatever feedbacks and results they get during the trial period will help them in further deciding if ecigs will be a mainstay in the commissary.

    No smoking is allowed in any correctional facility, Clague said. He explained that 98% of the time, the jail staff has been excellently finding contraband before the smuggled cigarettes reach the inmates population. He hopes that cigarette smuggling in jail will stop now that ecigs will be made available.

    He thinks that ecigs will help solving this issue. Through the selling of ecigarettes in jails, it is also understood that inmates are coaxed to behave better and avoid causing fights or arguments with other inmates.

    This is what Clague calls as safety precaution. He explained that it could be dangerous when illegally snuck cigarettes are lighted. He said there are dangers in lighters and matches and other lighting mechanisms for cigarettes.

    Knox County Jail will sell each ecigarette device for $14 and will be closely monitored by the jail officials. An inmate will pay for the ecig. The inmate’s name and the number of ecig will be written down. Once the ecig is used up, the inmates should return the same device to the officials.

    Rock Island County Jail In Illinois

    If Clague believes there is nothing to worry about in terms of the plastic ecigs being turned into weapons by the inmates, Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd does not think so.

    Boyd said that the plastic could still be sharpened and /or molded into weapons. He added that they have already found shanks that were crafted out of plastic.

    Needless to say, Boyd does not believe that ecigs should be sold or allowed in his jail. He even added that the ecigarette device could even be used for inhaling other drugs and could pose a far worse problem for the jail officials.

    Rock Island County Jail, he said, has a full capacity of about 326 people and they would have to deal with 326 different behaviors and motives that could complicate things.

    Jails In Texas

    Shannon Herklotz is the assistant director of Texas Commission on Jail Standards. There are 245 jails under the regulation of the commission and together, these jails could house 95,000 inmates.

    He said that he knew only of two country jails in the state that allowed ecigarettes in jails. Yet, more sheriffs, especially in rural counties whose facilities are smaller, have already expressed their interest and asked about the technology.

    Herklotz said that it is allowed,, but it still depends on individual sheriffs if they will agree to it or not. However, he is personally against it because he thinks that it will promote contraband issues.

    Nonetheless, it is not an unknown situation that county jails are facing shortfalls in budgets and this is being taken advantage of by the ecig vendors. They push ecigs to sheriffs as means of revenue supplement and ease the withdrawal symptoms of inmates.

    John Vanderveer is the owner of Georgia-based JailCigs. He said he likes to be in Texas and remarked that other ecig salesmen paid a fee just to pitch their products to officials in Texas and other states during the National Sheriffs’ Association annual conference recently held in Fort Worth. Precision Vapor, an ecigarette vendor, has started selling ecigs to Titus County Jail located in Northeast Texas.

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  • Reynolds American Inc has announced that it will be expanding its Grizzly portfolio across the US. Grizzly is an American brand of the moist snuff or dipping tobacco introduced in 2001.

    It initially came in two varieties: the Long Cut Wintergreen and the Fine Cut Natural. Later in 2006, four other varieties were added: the Long Cut Straight, the Long Cut Mint, the Long Cut Natural and the Fine Cut Wintergreen. Then, in 2008, the Wintergreen Pouches and the Snuff were introduced.

    According to American Snuff Company, the Wide Cut Wintergreen product that features individual tobacco strands in wintergreen flavor and are cut wider than the typical length, will soon be available in convenience stores and grocery stores where other Grizzlies are also sold.

    Nationwide Launch Together With Vuse

    According to spokesman Richard Smith, this wide cut product was initially available only in Indiana last May. This nationwide launch of Grizzly comes with the expanded availability of Vuse electronic cigarettes. This ecig brand from Reynolds was introduced in the state of Colorado last July.

    The company announced recently about its plan to expand the Vuse market to Utah. Vuse and Grizzly are parts of the strategy by Reynolds to diversify its product lines in an attempt to counter the declining sales of tobacco cigarettes.

    Initial Launch Of Vuse

    Vuse is a digital vapor cigarette that first came out in the Colorado market last summer of 2013. During the latter part of 2013, spokesman David Howard announced that retail locations, convenience stores and tobacco outlets in Utah will start selling the Vuse e cig starter kits beginning middle part of January 2014.

    Consumers in Utah could then purchase Vuse Solo, a ready to use and pre-charged product that is offered for $10.

    There is also Vuse System that consumers could buy. This is worth $30 and it comes with the additional components and features like 3 flavor cartridges, rechargeable power unit and a carry case.

    Vuse has a power unit, a shiny metal that appears very futuristic. The cartridge holds the liquid ingredients like nicotine that are heated and vaporized. This cartridge is designed to snap and be locked into the power unit. Users reported that the connection between the Vuse power unit and cartridge seems more secure than those observed from other ecig brands.

    Taking a draw from the device will allow the lighted tip to glow in white. This allows you to use Vuse in public and not be mistaken for a smoker. The light also flashes for 2 seconds to tell you that the cartridge is low on e-liquid. Continuous flashing will tell you that you must replace the cartridge.

    Right after the products have appeared on the shelves of Utah stores, the Tobacco Firm will then launch Vuse marketing campaign that would include print and television advertisements, online ads and direct mails.

    Howard refused to detail the future geographical market for Vuse, but he said that Utah was the company’s next chosen logical area in which the digital vapor cigarette will be expanded. It is a sensible choice because Utah is a neighboring state of Colorado.

    In the Colorado test market, Vuse has received such encouraging response from the retailers and consumers. Being contiguous to Colorado, it is also expected that Utah retails and consumers would likewise respond with similar interest and appreciation for Vuse.

    Howard also added that Reynolds already has established channels for distribution and sales to the West. Utah is also a home to larger audience of tobacco consumers.

    Reynolds is just one of the Big Tobacco firms that bet on ecigs as means to recover from tobacco sales losses. Lorillard was the first mover among the three US tobacco giants. It acquired Blu Cigs in April 2012. Altria was the last mover when it entered the market introducing Markten ecigs in Indiana on the later part of 2013.

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  • V2 E Cigs is a very popular ecigarette manufacturer in the USA nnowadays and carries on to see increasing expectations for its goods. This is easy to see since the company produces high quality electronic cigarettes with superb value. The company has over 1 million in customers these days and even claims to have the biggest selling products since their introduction in 2011. In addition there are V2 cigs review which claim that the company supplies the thickest vapor within the industry.

    People who find themselves not happy with the goods of V2 E Cigs can have them requested for a refund within 4 weeks. They’re able to do this after getting in touch with the customer support, through a toll free number or through the live help in the site. Internet surfers can just log within their own accounts and then click the return order which is less difficult. The business is going to refund the products from buyers provided they can still be located within their boxes.

    Its products work with a two piece design that resembles the other leading electronic cigarette manufacturers nowadays. This could be easy as the consumer will just have to charge the battery, tighten the cartimizer and they may start. One of the best advantages that the design offers is that consumers can get a fresh atomizer each time they modify the cartridge based on the V2 cig reviews. By yanking the top from the cartridge, people would have the ability to refill their own cartridges.

    Customers can get their basic starter kit for as low as $49.95 with V2 ecigs coupon code, giving them exactly what they need in order to start their electronic smoking encounter. There are many flavors to try in the company that folks can discover. The merchandise that they provide come with the best quality and designs while doing so.

    The top quality products given by the company include the driving force guiding their ever increasing popularity. Because of the efforts in development and research made, an even more improved e-cigarette is on the functions now. Besides this, the corporation also sells accessories of top quality which would complement the products of V2 Electronic Cigs such as the expert Electric Cigarettes kits and exceptional e liquids. Additionally, people can expect to get the best customer support for their inquiries these days.

    The business remains on the surface of the industry while they carry on and provide quality items to customers. The technologies of V2 E-Cigarettes would easily be accessible for their potential customers. As time goes by, the company has improved and advanced in order to provide the finest in satisfaction and ease to their customers.

    Presently there is even a range of style and length in terms of the batteries given by the company. The short batteries will have a size of 100 millimeters, 110 for the standard and 140 for the long ones. Both the manual plus automatic edition versions can be purchased regardless of the measurements in the electric battery. With the automatic battery, breathing in will form the vapor right away while manual will be needing the user to press a button.

    There are many individuals that declare that the manual batteries supply better yields in vapor, yet automatic power packs still provide the edge when it comes to ease. Not every one of the manufacturers today are capable of providing manual and automatic variations for their merchandise.

    V2 Electronic Cigs gives whatever their potential customers would need in terms of having a good electronic cigarette experience. It is advisable for people to decide on vapors rather than harmful smoke from standard cigarettes. You will be able to learn much more about the organization by reading the V2 cig reviews these days.

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  • The historical past of e cigarettes would be influenced by how people look at it as it could have lasted many years or a few years. Although the patent on these smokeless devices was filed back in 1963, they had been unable to formally type in the US market up to the late 2000s. So why would it take that long to ensure that electronic cigarettes to acquire worldwide renown?

    The first ever individual to have invented the electronic cigarette or at least filed a patent for doing this was Herbert A. Gilbert. The not so good part could be that the technology at his time period was not effective at creating his envision devices. He has already envisioned what the bad effects were of smoking tobacco during his time. So even though technology during his time was capable of creating e-cigs, there would not be a place to accept his gadget. The explanation for this is due to the fact that it wasn’t considered for cigarette smoking to be unhealthy that time.

    China was the very first region to have noticed the idea of e-cigarettes turning out to be an actuality, due to a pharmacist and cigarette smoker named Han Lik. The feat was accomplished thanks to the inspiration that Lik had on his father who battled cancer of the lung. His loss then designed a response where the pharmacist discovered a way to create a cigarette while not having to inhale nicotine and keeping away from the bad outcomes of tobacco. The subsequent country in series to adapt e cigarettes was Europe that has been done in 2006 and it has been followed tightly by the United States the subsequent year.

    Back in September of 2008, the World Health Organization was the first major organization to have stated their views on smokeless cigarettes. Nevertheless this had nothing to do with its risks or edges. A bar on the e cigarettes as a guide for being an aid to smoking cessation would be made instead. Down the road in that year, New Zealand created the very first study that the entire world has seen about electronic cigarettes. The nation has confirmed that these e-cigs did not contain chemical compounds which may be regarded as toxic to individuals.

    Most of the important events in e-cigarette history came from 2009 when the merchandise have increased in popularity as an alternative to smoking. In the first 90 days of this year, both Australia and Canada started bans on e-cigarettes. In the USA, the FDA has at the same time stopped the shipping for these goods and claimed that they demanded formal sign up.

    Lawsuits were submitted earlier in this year by the e-cigarette businesses to the FDA due to the ban on the items. They were demanding that the laws on their products had to be sincere and fair for all. There was clearly another study which was released in the meantime that disregarded the FDA’s claims on e-cigarettes being dangerous to the well being of customers.

    There are a few states in America today which can be imposing effective bans on e-cigarettes. There are many opponents which can be spreading falsehoods regarding the device. Advocacy groups for ecigs can be found however that guarantees these distortions don’t rob the population with a less-toxic choice for smoking cigarettes.

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